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Welcome to the official website of the Northern Ireland Boys’ Football Association (NIBFA), founded in 1976 NIBFA is the governing body for Youth Football in Northern Ireland

OBJECTS – The objects of NIBFA shall be to legislate for, foster, develop and support activity that will improve the game of Association Football among all classes of youth football clubs, leagues or associations of such clubs in Northern Ireland and to conduct annually such competitions and events as aid the development and promotion of association football in Northern Ireland.




(a) The management of NIBFA shall be vested in the NIBFA Committee, consisting of the following office bearers: - a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and elected and/or co-opted representatives not exceeding 9 persons from Clubs and or Leagues in Membership of NIBFA.

(b) The NIBFA committee members and office bearers shall be elected bi-annually (Commencing 2015). All retiring office bearers shall be eligible for re-election.

(c) Nomination of any candidate for any office shall be submitted in writing to the NIBFA Administration Officer not later than 14 days prior to the notified date of the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting called for the purpose. The NIBFA Committee may at any time fill a vacancy amongst the Office Bearers and any Office Bearer so chosen shall hold office for the unexpired period of his predecessor’s term of office.

(d) Five (5) members of the NIBFA Committee shall form a quorum. In the event of a vacancy occurring at any time, the NIBFA Committee shall have the power to fill such vacancy.


  • To promote, foster and develop in all its aspects the game of Association Football among Boys (outside the jurisdiction of the Education Authorities) in Northern Ireland. To assist the mental, moral and physical development of boys through age-group competition.

  • To encourage proper attitudes to the game and to promote the highest traditions of sportsmanship consistent with the Olympic ideal.

  • To create and maintain the safest possible environment for children and young people to enjoy football. We therefore recommend all Leagues and clubs affiliated to the Association, when forming policies and procedures as part of their rules or constitution, should adopt the “Safeguarding Children and Young People in Football” as outlined in the booklet issued by the Governing Body of Football in Northern Ireland, the Irish Football Association and NIBFA.